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    KRK's Controversial Statements On Rape-Accused, Asaram Bapu Bapu moviezadda

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    by Moviez Adda

    Big boss fame, Kamaal Khan is yet again, back with his controversial statements over public affairs or do we call it, public figures. Apparently, with the recent news over famous Asaram Bapu having sexually assaulted and allegedly, raped a minor seems to have bothered Kamaal. Reportedly, KRK used his tongue like a sharp running knife, defamed the so called Godman, Asaram Bapu over his rape case controversy and ruthlessly commented on one of the social networking sites. Rather than elaborating on his statements, this time, we would like to quote them to you first! It goes like, "Lo ji fir Asaram Bapu ne ek naabaalig ke saath balaatkaar kiya.. Ladki ne usey pitaah kaha par Asaram ne usey nahi chhoda". Well, now what do we call it? Do we feel ashamed about the so-called God Man doing wrong deeds with his religious belief or do we call it a controversial platform for others, to gain publicity?

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