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    Fans & Celebs React To Ben Affleck Batman Casting


    by ClevverMovies

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    I think we'll always remember where we were the moment we heard the news that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman. And, no matter if you like the choice or not, I think it's safe to say that almost ALL of us are in complete shock and mostly because Affleck wasn't really on anyone's radar. Well, you all kept me up until the wee hours of the morning with your very entertaining comments and tweets, and today we wanted to put together some of the best reactions that we've seen and heard so far. Let's start with Hollywood. Most folks in the entertainment industry were mostly upbeat about the news and also quite funny with their comments. Richard Dreyfuss was one of the first tweets I laughed at which read "You read for a part, you feel good about it, you feel confident, then they cast Ben Affleck...." Richard, there is always Robin. And Pacific Rim's Robert Kazinsky was trying to think positively saying "I absolutely didn't see it coming but I do absolutely see it working. Gotta be better than Daredevil amirite?" But one of my favorite tweets came from JoBlo who tweeted this screen cap from Hollywoodland with the caption "I guess now we know why #Superman wants to fight #Batman..." Hilarious But there were a lot of people who were clearly not happy. Like twitter user IronCornMedia who posted "#BetterThanBatman #1. Paula Deen 2. A cats butthole 3.) Ben Afflecks mom 4.) A No. 2 Pencil 5.) Don Knotts 6.) caulk" and the list went on and on. Which is very harsh, but still kinda funny. But what did you all, our ClevverMovie fans think about Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight? Well the results seem like they're 50/50. Twitter follower @JoshJob92 said "I feel like we will all hate it & bash on it then the movie will come out & he'll be surprisingly good! But follower @scandalingotham said "Mad as hell and ready to take hostages." Yikes. Glad you don't know where I live...But our subscriber Tom Buxton came to the caped crusaders defense saying "Everyone had the same reaction when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. And look how that turned out...." So far, Ben Affleck himself hasn't tweeted since the news broke, however a Ben Affleck parody twitter account was created and is already at 12,000 followers, and is gladly accepting all of the attention for Affleck with tweets like "Im proud to serve the people of Gotham. And the people are proud to have me." And also not to be forgotten, along with Ben's casting info being announced we also got a release date for the upcoming Batman-Superman movie, and that my friends has been confirmed for July 17th, 2015. So, lets keep this convo going. After sleeping on this BatFleck news, do you feel better or worse about director Zack Snyder's choice for Batman? Make sure you let us know all of your deepest thoughts on the matter, and if you want your comments or tweets to be featured on some of our shows, you gotta make sure you have subscribed to our channel and make sure you following us on twitter at ClevverMovies. Ok, get thee to the comments! Until next time, Im Erin White. Thanks for tuning in.