Thieves Steal 140 Apple Trees

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A whole field of 140 young apple trees disappeared overnight in Rougemont, Quebec.

In the last couple years, Canada has seen some strange large-scale agricultural thefts – everything from $140,000 worth of corn feed to approximately $22 million of maple syrup. Most recently, a whole field of 140 apple saplings disappeared overnight in Rougemont, Quebec.

Owner Jeannot Alix woke up to discover his young apple trees had been stolen. While he’s had a couple trees stolen every once in a while, no one can understand why the thieves would have taken 140 of them now.

While technically apple saplings could be of value, these stolen trees will not be. According to Alix, “The trees won't survive this time of year. They must be drying out right now. [The thieves] did it all for nothing.”

Figuring in the cost of the trees themselves, lost profits, and wasted labor, the Alix family will lose around $5,000. Insurance will not reimburse them for this type or amount of theft.

With no leads, police closed the case. Police and local farmers believe it’s an isolated crime and not part of a trend.

While Alix is considering security cameras to protect his property, that did not work in the case of the corn where thieves disabled alarms and cameras.