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    #227: Musician Val Emmich


    Val Emmich is our guest as we come off of break with a VENGEANCE! If you don't know Val, he is a talented singer-songwriter-actor-author (the quadruple threat (not sure what anyone is threatening with those skills - but I digress). He's been on Cashmere Mafia, 30 Rock, even in Cats! (Ok, maybe not Cats.) Val answers tons of viewer questions, plays his new single "Get on with it" right at the top of the show! PLUS, he plays at the end of the show "Too Far" - off Little Daggers" - and he even played a TWO SONG Encore "Just to Feel Alive Again" and "Break" - both off Songs From Woodstock: Volume 1. (The encore is in "Quick Clips"). We also had "The Most Depressing Message EVER!", "Strictly Platonic", and Val Emmich as Homer Simpson, and me as Val Emmich. It was a great show full of interview questions and lots of music from Val - and the uber-sexy Jessie and the oft-injured Johnny Full-RON! Meantime - subscribe to "LIVE! From the future..." HERE!