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    The Ghost Inside My Child S01E02


    door ghostvid

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    The Ghost Inside My Child S01E02
    Friends watch this movie here in hd ➣➢➣ ✓✓✓

    Door Unvasboute1980Vorige juli
    Victoria Carrara
    I love this program and the very insightful way the producers have professionally documented the actual facts from each family . It is by far, one of my favorite programs.
    Door Victoria CarraraVorige februari
    I have lived before, many times. I have numerous memories. Sadly, the life right before this one is vague. In it, I was a little girl. I died before I became an adult I suspect.

    I have lived mostly in Europe and Asia. I remember a lot from a life in Japan during the Edo period. I also remember some bits and pieces from lives I can't place. As a baby before I could talk, I had plenty of thoughts. I remember being very frustrated that adults couldn't understand me. I would try to tell them things and all they would do is make funny noises at me while making faces. It was frustrating. During that time before I could talk, I had an invisible friend. That invisible friend taught me many things and talked to me a lot. They told me many things, some of which I can still remember. As a toddler, I almost drowned. I fell into a pond but someone or something pulled me out, someone or something that I couldn't see. Throughout life I have been protected for some reason by things unseen and unknown to me. Numerous times I will hear a little voice in my head tell me to do something. The times I resisted, bad things happened. The times I listened, I remained safe. Hindsight is 20/20 but it helps one to learn and grow.

    I wish I could place my memories to people who have lived, however it seems I'm not very good with historical research. Doesn't help that all the apparent memories from the last 300 or so years are vague in the sense that I can't place them in actual places or with actual people. The most vivid of memories include one from WW2, one from the Vietnam war, and two from roughly the Edo period in Japan. The memories from the recent wars are mostly battle related and seem of no use in finding out who I actually was. The Edo period ones, I remember I was a farmer in one. The other I was rich and powerful. Still can't name places or people. I really want to know more about the life right before this one. I feel it would help me in this life.
    Door OutOfPlaceNinjaVorige januari
    Pamela Brooks
    aggravating to watch with repetition and commercials
    Door Pamela BrooksVorige november
    This is my favorite show, but it's really annoying the way they keep repeating stuff over and over and over, ad nauseam. I can accept giving a brief (like a couple of sentences) recap after commercials, but this show goes way overboard. I'm sure it's because they don't have enough material to stretch it out (or maybe they can get more material but don't have the budget), so they fill with repetitions. I'd like to see 3 or 4 bios per episode, then they wouldn't have to bore us with endless recaps in order to fill the allotted time slot.
    Door KathyKatVorige november
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