The Ghost Inside My Child S01E02

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I love this show but they need to do something about the music in the background. It gives people the impression that what is going on with these children is 'spooky' or scary or dark or something. It's a natural thing that is just coming out into the open more thanks to the kids and the parents that are open minded enough to ask questions instead of shutting it off as childhood babble or imaginary friend talk.
By MVJ 2 weeks ago
The father of the first child is a total moron. How to make your child feel like a freak!
The parents of the first kid seem really dumb. After such experience they still don't know if they believe? The devil himself might come tho their house and introduce himself and they still wouldn't believe that he exists.
By John Rambo October
CASTING CALL- Has your child told you stories about past life memories? Are you beginning to believe these memories are real?
The television show "Ghost Inside My Child" is currently seeking families for its upcoming season. If you want to tell your child’s story, please email us with details at
By Sandra Doc last year