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    Radioactive Water From Fukushima Nears Pacific


    by associatedpress



    Mark Brunberg
    Use same system dodecahedron in link fashion w/o pneumatic hp tank replace with retaining wall stack in depths greater than dodecahedron polygon use retaining wall road construction stock. I have two tree to donate with no known facility rationalizing the power of God's Earth creature gooseneck barnacle & process bubble evaporation high altitude moisture accumulation cleansing property "rain" as written that which is needed to decontaminate radioactive fallout.
    By Mark Brunberg2 years ago
    Mark Brunberg
    Looks good how about mitigating nuclear fallout and Hg mercury with building bark telephone pole length tree polygon 54.80 ft to 108 ft with interior high pressure tank canister 8,000 gallon, pneumatic propulsion fin and buoyancy submersible. 1.2 million units combined with air station and torque driven terrapin turnstile carrousel each continent USA - Japan, Gulf of Mexico - Africa nearly end hurricane typhoon with aeration evaporation cloud building for focus rainforest Sahara or arid region needing rain cloud. Log timber 24,000,000 approximate should yield 12,000,000 lbs organic crustacean barnacle with pressure washer weekly crustacean shell may decontaminate Fukushima Pacific, Three mile and Military Atlantic. 52 weeks wrap world two times with pneumatic movement and Earth may cool .001 degree while other solar planets warm using winter summer differential. Nearly end world hunger with polygon dodecahedron with fresh marine aquatics and a clean ocean while recharging spent aquifer enriching desert and arid region needing additional rain forecasting. Save the planet by actually building additional organic matter for future petrol consumption.
    Follow up with bamboo scaffold Himalaya into space zero low gravity wrap scaffold around planet for low cost energy, build hydro and pneumatic dam with additional rain forecast. Allow animals ample grazing as they naturally culture the environment.
    Reverse weave scaffold in basket form for lunar build and colonization Mercury, Mars, Moon, Venus. Teather loose asteroid to build three additional earth planets.
    Earth needs to start by cutting tree and consecutively crossing the ocean with submersible dodecahedron use this to end diesel oil clutch for cargo ship ocean crossing. Individuals donating large tree for ocean and 4.8 million 8,000 gallon high pressure air / propane tanks just under 20 billion to save the planet. I loom forward to seeing some of the lecture.
    By Mark Brunberg2 years ago