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In the fifth episode Ricky gives a step-by-step guide on how to hit a kicker. After following Ricky's clear instructions you will soon be able to smoothly land a kicker. For more details, check this tutorial, collect your gear, head to the water, put on that smile and get there!


1. Always start hitting a kicker on your heel-side. This is easier than you toe-side.

2. Take a slow progressive edge towards the kicker. Progressive means to keep accelerating.

3. Just a few meters before the kicker you stop edging, but keep your speed.

4. Keep your weight on both feet and hold the handle with both hands.

5. Hold your arms slightly bend. Just let the rope pull you over the kicker. Remain in the same position and on top of the kicker softly push out your legs.

6. During take-off keep your handle low and your eyes forward.

7. Absorb the landing by bending your knees and try to edge away from the cable.

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Wakeboarding is extremely fun and addictive. People around you will notice an everlasting big smile on your face. Your life will contain more pleasure and you will ask yourself why you waited so long before you gave it a try.


Continuing the heritage of helping people to get there, Protest adds a new discipline to their 'How To' Series. Following the successful 'How To Snowboard' and 'How To Surf' tutorials, this summer Protest team riders Sjors van de Kerkhof and Ricky Lukassen teach beginners the basic tips and tricks of wakeboarding.

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