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    Rodent Fur Found in Heinz Ketchup Batch

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    A warning was issued pertaining to a Heinz ketcup batch from Mexico, which was discovered to contain rodent fur.

    A quick squirt of ketchup can easily spruce up a cheeseburger or hot dog.

    But the beloved condiment is in the middle of some controversy after the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency issued a suspension of a batch of Heinz ketchup manufactured at a Mexican facility that was discovered to contain “rodent fragments”

    The government agency suspended the marketing, sale and distribution of the bottles of that particular batch across the country after the disturbing finding. Authorities in Mexico have launched an investigation, probing into the factory conditions of where the ketchup batch was produced.

    The bottles had been imported to Brazil in 2012. While the circumstances of how the rodent fragments ended up in the ketchup aren’t exactly clear, Heinz is on top of it.

    The company has vowed to investigate what went wrong and also pointed out the ketchup is made according to international standards. A Mexican hygiene agency within the Department of Health has requested Heinz provide a “detailed report” regarding the contamination and has also ordered a factory inspection.

    Currently, neither the Brazilian government nor Heinz have released information about how many bottles were contaminated or how many have been removed from distribution.