Deli Owner Throws Hot Cooking Oil on Robber

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The would-be crook walked into the Corner Deli with a jacket pulled up over his face.

Sometimes criminals need to be very careful about who they choose to mess with. One man in Linden, New Jersey learned that the hard way.

A tough deli owner recently thwarted a robber's attempt at taking money by throwing hot oil on the suspect. The would-be crook walked into into Cos’s Corner Deli with a jacket pulled up over his face. He showed the owner that he was carrying a firearm.

The perpetrator thought he had the upper hand and went over to the cash register to steal money, however the quick-thinking owner, 46-year old Harry Bains, picked up a pot of hot cooking oil and dumped it on the man.

As soon as the suspect was scorched by the liquid, he quickly left the scene on foot. The male wasn’t able to take any cash with him in the getaway.

Bains, who was uninjured, justified his brave actions by saying he couldn’t let the man take his hard earned money without putting up a fight. The police are currently investigating the incident and reviewing the surveillance footage to find the robber.