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    All Entertainment Moving To 3D According To James Cameron


    by ClevverMovies

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    James Cameron can see the future of Hollywood film, and get ready, because he thinks it will be formatted in 3D. According to Avatar director, James Cameron, we all need to invest in a really nice, comfy pair of 3D glasses, because he says that 3D will eventually be the standard in movie theaters everywhere. Cameron spoke to the BBC on the matter and said quote "For me it's absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D, it'll all be 3D eventually, because that's how we see the world. When it's correct and convenient for us, we pre-select for that as the premium experience." But do we? Is 3D really the way audiences prefer to see movies? Well, according to some box office numbers, you all may disagree with Cameron. Let's take for World War Z for example. I saw it in 3D, and I thought it was done pretty well actually, but 66% of you opted out of watching it in 3D. And also, this summer's animated film Turbo, only had 25% of audiences watching it in 3D. So, how can James Cameron speak so fondly of the format? Well, he points to Oscar winners, and that three out of the last four Cinematography Academy Awards (Hugo, Life of Pi, and of course his own, Avatar) went to 3D movies. And he also admits that even though there have been some not so stellar conversions of movies out there, he thinks the kinks will eventually work themselves out and that audiences will eventually start to prefer 3D over 2D. And while audiences in the US aren't taking too kindly to it right now, folks in Russia and in China are loving the format, with 80 to 90% of them choosing 3D. But what do you prefer? Do you agree with Cameron, and think that 3D is the future of film? Or are you hoping that Cameron is way off on this? Lets chat about it in the comments, and make sure you are following ClevverMovies over on twitter, so that we can connect and chat with you over there as well. As always, we are so honored that you choose us as your first stop for movie news. Im Erin White, for ClevverMovies, and I will see you all next time.