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Nicki Minaj raps on Sean Paul's official "Entertainment" song remix, about Miguel's leg drop and more twerking references! Barbz, welcome back to your music news here on ClevverMusic. So August 20 Nicki Minaj teased us on Twitter that big surprise was coming and guess what it was? A new song feature. Can we just re-name summer 2013 Nicki-Song-Domination 2013? Ok thanks. So the new track Nicki revealed to us on her website is a remix of Sean Paul's "Entertainment" track featuring Nicki, Juicy J and 2 Chainz. Woah there. The song came out a couple months ago but this official remix version featuring Nicki is brands news. The track is a poppin' ode to the strip club, living large, and letting loose for a night, hence the title "Entertainment". Sean Paul does his classic spitting on the song, which also hears fire engine sirens, a verse from 2 Chainz and rapper Juicy J. Nicki breaks up the bromance with her rap verse late in the track rapping about singer Miguel's infamous leg drop at the Billboard Awards this year! The hilarious lyrics compare Miguel's kick to stripper's pole dancing check it: "Hit the pole, hit the flips/ Do it like Miguel I hit the kicks/ When I land I hit the splits/ Puffin on the triple stick". Ok is it bad that we kinda really like this Miguel-stripper comparison? We wonder if Miguel's heard it yet? And there's more, also in Nicki's verse she treats us more twerking rhymes, "I'm Queen Elizabeth bitch, I'm bad hissy fit/ Imma rip the skirt, hit the twerk". Yes, Nicki we agree, you are the queen of the twerk. Barbz, I know ya'll wanna go listen to the "Entertainment" remix now, so go check the link below and tell us what you think of Nicki Minaj rapping about Miguel's fan accident at the Billboard Awards? Too soon? Holler at us on Twitter @ClevverMusic. Thanks so much for watching you guys, I'm Misty Kingma here with your music news update.