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    Stan Lee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at The Geekies


    by ClevverMovies

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    The first ever Geekie Awards took place this past weekend, and what better way to kick off an inaugural year than to honor comic book creator and legend, Stan Lee, as the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. The Geekie awards are brand new, and this award show is designed to pull the best of the best from the geek-genre and honor talent like independent creators, artists, and filmmakers. This award show sets itself apart because it really highlights categories of geek culture that don't always have moments in the spotlight, and some of the categories highlighted were for webseries, short films, and even cosplay. But the standout of the night was when Stan Lee took the stage to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award. Just in case there is one or two people in the world who don't know, Stan Lee is the ultimate comic creator, and the characters that have spawned from his imagination are some of the most beloved characters that we've not only seen in comics but characters that we've also grown to love on the big screen including Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, and X-Men just to name a few. Stan accepted his award from one of the show's hosts, Seth Green, and then told the audience that being a geek was important enough for him to actually write a Geek Hymn as his acceptance speech, and he then proceeded to sing it in the tune of Yankee Doodle. He sang, "Let us praise those who are geeks and pity those who aren't. Were a very special cliché, all else is just abhorrent. Only geeks know what is in, that's why we'e so admired, you could hear geeks speak all day and never once be tired. That's why Im, so proud tonight, because Im with my peers, all of those who aren't geeks are crying in their beers. So here's a toast to all things geek, so hip, so in so clever, my heart is filled, I cant speak. But Ill be Geek Forever." How can one even begin to describe how awesome that guy is! But Stan wasn't the only person honored, and there was a long list of amazing geeks, including the announcement that Serenity and Castle star, Nathan Fillion won for the first ever Geek of the Year Award. So, did any of you catch the live stream of this year's Geekie Awards? And if you did, do you think there were any geek categories that you would like to see included in next years show? Share your thoughts on this down in the comments, and while you're here, don't forget to go ahead and hit that subscribe button for us, so we can keep you updated on all of your favorite news coming from Hollywood. For ClevverMovies, Im Erin White, and Ill see you next time.