Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box (Director's Cut)

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Title: Heart-Shaped Box (Director's Cut)

Artist: Nirvana


The lady that is turned inside out, trying to grab babies: there is a woman just like that in a particular town, trying to steal babies, the youth. Obese, overweight, or however you may refer to her in the video. Exact same thing: as that woman, on the treadmill. They call her Mandy: her real name is Amanda Lopez. Mandy, after candy: that is what she does with youth and is chasing, candy, something to eat. A blue gang member had an abortion and tried to have it so self would, that is what they teach these people in a Catholic church by a Rev. Jesse Veznor. And the cops are with these people daily. Woman still goes at it, cops don't do anything about her, cops leave her alone (she had a police scanner in her home and those are illegal): a chief of police, and two officers. They can't figure it out: she drives by a house gazing through the mini blinds, and they still can’t add it up. She and husband were like this before he died and she is still like this, same goes for the piece of sh** reverend.
By Up 1 010 last year
VEVO sucks....
By NIRVANA ZONE last year