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    Senem Deniz

    by Senem Deniz

    Along with Kart2013’s advanced VoIP, Direct Termination, and Teleblock Services, our Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination offers operators with precisely the tools to execute dependable and steady telecommunication system and realizing the full potential of your business to be more competitive and globally-established.Kart2013 offers Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination services across at a very excellent price and toll quality. To guarantee that linked VoIP carriers, whether through one-sided or two-sided agreements, are being offered the maximum quality of wholesale carrier services, we constantly monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring.Service to suit your network’s needs.Kart2013 Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination Service provides a complete international transport capacity for VoIP carriers. We provide SIP termination Services to numerous telecommunication companies in different countries and states. VoIP carriers gain benefits from having competitively priced termination.Whether you prefer a TDM or IP interconnection,we have the service to suit your network’s requirements. Kart2013 has extensive connectivity with a national SS7 hub provider. In addition, TDM in band signaling and Primary Rate Interface services are available.
    Features and Benefits-Excellent Service from the Kart2013 Customer Support Management Team
    Optimal Network Performance,Customers may port-in TN's within the local calling area,
    City-specific Origination Capabilities,Audio Codes G.711 and G.729,Signaling Protocol SIP / H.323
    Transmission Protocol TCP and UDPSuccess rate 99.99%,Handoff SIP or TDM to your gateway, PBX, or softswitch