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    The Hysteria - "Black Cat Wailing at the Moon" A BlankTV World Premiere!


    by BlankTV

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    The Hysteria - "Black Cat Wailing At The Moon" Memorial Records A BlankTV Premiere!

    Artist city, country: Minsk, Bielorussian

    Artist Biography: The Hysteria begins its history in 2009 with the release of EP "Bullet for Christ". In 2010, the band released their second EP "The Messenger" and began concert activity in Eastern Europe. In 2011 the local office of "SFlabel"(also, the musicians are the founders of it), released debut long-play album "Paradigm of the Faith", which brought to the band popularity and which is well appreciated by fans of progressive and math mausic in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine), Central Europe and U.S. In 2012, the band shot a video for the song "The Messenger" from the previous album, and in 2013 released a split with the russians Nasty Taste.

    First of all, The Hysteria will be interesting for the fans of experimental music because the band can integrate the madness of mathcore, technique and pressure of death metal, drive of rock 'n' roll in the strict but still harmonious system.
    However, their main advantages are live performances. Those who has saw even one of their numerous live-shows - did not remain indifferent. Nowadays The Hysteria is one of the youngest and the most active bands in Eastern Europe.

    We want to devote this brand new release to all of those people who were beside us and supported us all way long, to every fan who supported us. We dedicate this release to everyone whose eyes are not forgotten how to see, whose heart is not hardened, this release is for those who have not forgotten how to think.

    Thank God for beeing with us all the time, and for giving us the strength to bring the work to the very end.

    About The Video: This is the part of our tour life, and also it's about the stage madness, euphoria and so on.

    Director Name: DIY
    Producer Name: DIY

    Artist Website:
    Other Link:

    Label Name: Memorial Records
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: Luxury inside your heart
    You feel superior to all
    It never gonna change!
    Definition of regret
    You`ll never understand!

    But one day you will fall
    And looks like lonely stripped cat
    You`ll never reach the goal
    I think you realising it

    Rat inside you scream for help
    But no one have to come
    Whatever you will did for them
    Will never save your soul

    God give you a dagger, i give you a stone
    You will be completely, completely alone

    Wash the blood
    Off your hands
    Wailing at moon like a cat
    Like a snake
    Sneak, Forsake!

    You the fail of nation
    Moral ruination
    You`ve lose everything that you
    Could ever lose

    Looking back for what you`ve done
    Have you ever imagine someday you will be like the people
    That you threw out
    You laughed at their tears, reveled in their grief
    God justly poisoned your maggot fucking life (2x)

    Black cat wailing at the moon
    Black cat is you, black cat is you
    Black cat wailing at the moon
    Do you feel redemption? Redemption for hewn (2x )

    You the fail of nation
    Moral ruination
    You`ve lose everything that you
    Could ever lose (2х)


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