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    Dangers of Obsessive Workouts Among Males Identified

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    It’s called “bigorexia” and is a body-obsession that is affecting increasingly more men.

    It’s called “bigorexia” - a body-obsession disorder that is affecting an increasing number of men.

    Those afflicted reportedly become fixated on building muscle mass, and ultimately are fully consumed by their efforts to do so.

    According to one psychologist, the potential risks include both physical and psychological damages.

    On an emotional end, the obsessive workouts can result in rage-fueled outbursts as well as mania and depression.

    Then there’s the obvious harm one can do to their body by overworking it and not giving small injuries the proper time to repair themselves.

    Further, messing around with heavy gym equipment when weakened by an illness can lead to serious accidents.

    Men who’ve fallen victim to the body dysmorphic disorder have reported a variety of severe physical repercussions.

    One man said he became partially paralyzed because of a ruptured disc before undergoing surgery, and cases of organ failure due to taking supplements have also been documented.

    As far as its impact on personal lives, important relationships have been known to suffer at the hands of the growing obsession.

    Treatments include having workouts monitored and participating in behavioral therapy.