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    Restaurant Offers Only French Fries Based Menu

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    At French Fry Heaven in The Woodlands, Texas they only sell fries, but they sell over 50 kinds of them.

    It's hard to find someone who doesn't like french fries.

    At the just opened French Fry Heaven in The Woodlands, Texas they sell over 50 kinds of fries. It's one of the multiple locations for the chain headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida.

    Sound like a lot of fuss over a side dish? Well, at this restaurant, fries are the main event. In fact, they’re the only event.

    All of the offerings are made-to-order Belgian style, which means they’ve been fried twice to achieve a super-crispy outside and a fluffy, cloud-like interior.

    What happens after that is up to you.

    If you’re more of a purist and just like them with a bit of salt, you have oh so many to choose from including ghost pepper, which is billed as the hottest salt on earth.

    For the gourmet, both black truffle and pink Himalayan salts are offered.

    Those who are sauce fans will find more than ample offerings including basics like ketchup, ranch, and mayo.

    Fry-eaters wanting to branch out a bit can dip in a ketchup mayo combo infused with pickle juice.