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    Zombie Fight - "Reconnect" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Zombie Fight - "Reconnect"

    Artist city, country: NYC, New York, USA

    Artist Biography: Zombie Fight is a NYHC band stemming from Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. Zombie Fight prides itself on incorporating a myriad of interests, stretching from music to life.

    Fully formed in November of 2010, through former bands jobs, Lee Weinberg (Ex- Regression NYC), Anthony Solis (ex-Point Pleasant), Hilary Neloms (ex-Regression NYC / Nothing Lost), and Justin Woods get together to release the negativity that surrounds all of them.

    With a wide range of influences rooted in hardcore and punk, however, utilizing the varied tastes of each member, Zombie Fight creates an eclectic mix with one simple goal in mind: if it sounds good, use it.

    Zombie Fight released their first EP, 'Broke for Tomorrow - Volume 1' in February 2011 and have consistently played shows throughout the New York City Area with bands like Shai Hulud, Living Laser, Fashion Week, Torchbearer, Red Eyed Devil, Abject, On The Offense, Last Call Brawl, The Last Stand, No Redeeming Social Value, Yuppicide, Cruel Hand, Man Alive, Cop Problems, Incendiary, Down Low, Setback, Ashes Forever, Relics, and more.

    We are always looking to play outside of the city, for booking please email

    Director Name: Shadow The Great
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Shadow The Great
    Producer Link:

    About The Video: Dir/ Edited by: Shadow The Great contact @ -
    Recorded/Mixed by: Lee Weinberg -
    Locations - Astoria Soundworks, Queens NY and Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn NY
    Cast = One-Man Arsenal,Lady Arsenal,Larry Left (Yo! Scunt) & Evan Schweitzer

    Artist Website:
    Other Link:

    Song Lyrics: Let's pick up, Where we left off
    Some things just never change.
    Let's meet where we used to
    Let me know what's on your mind
    I know it's been awhile but my hand's
    are still open for you.
    I know you've been troubled
    should have never hesitated
    to reach out to me I'm on your side.

    Life's hard no need to go at it alone
    good times we've shared may be in the past
    this bond we have will always last
    these feelings will never fade.

    Let me know what I can do
    consider your problems mine
    I won't leave you standing in this corner
    I know that you'd be in mine.
    I won't let you destroy your future
    Cause I know, you'd save mine

    So tell me everything that's wrong
    Tell me, Tell me
    Don't Hold Back
    Don't Hold Back
    Don't Hold Back

    I Won't Let You Fall
    I Won't Let You Fall Alone
    I Won't Let You Fall At All


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