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    How To Do – 3D Photoshoot for Hair and Makeup

    Grant Sharp

    by Grant Sharp

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    In this cosmetology education video, you’ll learn how a 3D photoshoot for hair is done. Walking us through this process is Anna Pacitto from Pure Salon.

    3D photoshoots for hair are the hottest thing around right now. It not only captures different angles and elements but it also improves the overall look and feel of the creative efforts put into doing hair and makeup.

    Anna and her team of hairstylists have accepted more awards than anyone I know of in North America, she also co-owns and successfully manages numerous salons in Canada. Here, she and her team tell us the importance of doing 3D photoshoot for hair and how it is done.

    You’ll also learn from several other award winning hairstylists like Richard St Laurent and Gaël Betts as well as ace fashion & beauty photographer Ara Sassoonian.

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