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    Un meraviglioso concerto di musica Gospel con la corale Oasis Chamber, per maggiori informazioni :

    Oasis Chamber Choir is a group of young Christians who are passionate about spreading the Word of God through music. Founded in 2005 by director Angelika Dyadchenko, the choir has since been actively performing in the local Sacramento community, throughout the states, as well as internationally.The choir's Evangelical outreach journeys embrace travels to Southern Russia in 2006, the Republic of Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Russia in 2008, Israel in 2009, to Spain, Portugal, and Israel in 2010 and Oahu, Hawaii in 2011. The choral group has also toured the states of Florida, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and throughout California.Through performing classical and contemporary choral music and putting on musical-dramas, the singers have been sharing the Great News with unbelievers as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. Oasis Choir is often invited to sing at churches, conferences, festivals, concerts, and other events. It is a great honor for each member of Oasis to serve Jesus Christ through music and be a part of His plan of spreading the Word to all the Nations!