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    Veterinarian Accused of Treating Man Who Later Lost Three Toes

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    In a disturbing incident, a man was forced to have three toes amputated after a veterinarian allegedly treated him. The 78-year-old vet, Francis Freemyer lives and has an office for animal patients in Colorado.

    In a disturbing incident, a police investigation was launched after an unnamed male walked into a North Colorado Medical Center and told staff that he had previously seen and been treated by a 78-year-old veterinarian, Francis Freemyer for a foot problem. Due to a lack of proper medical care received previously, the male patient was forced to undergo an amputation procedure for three of his toes.

    Freemyer has since received a ticket for "unauthorized practices", but he claimed he had treated a woman's dog with a topical ointment for skin cancer. He further stated the dog owner believed he put too much cream on the pooch’s paw so she scraped some off and applied the ointment to her neighbor’s foot when he complained of an infection.

    Her neighbor turned out to be the man who lost his toes. According to Freemyer, the man came to his clinic for a follow-up, so he wrapped the human patient’s foot. According to police, the veterinarian accepted money from the man.

    It’s also being alleged that Freemyer has changed his story about the incident numerous times.

    What do you think? Do you believe in Freemyer's story?