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    Samuel L. Jackson Talks 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'


    by ClevverMovies

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    Samuel Jackson gives us a sneak peak into Nick Fury's role in Captain America: The Winter Solider, and he explains why Fury has to tell little white lies. In an interview with USA today, Mr. Jackson revealed that while we usually see Nick Fury on the go, super-spying around the Marvel Universe, we should expect to see him pulling more office hours in The Winter Solider. Jackson said quote "You see Nick Fury the office guy, him going about the day-to-day work of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the politics as opposed to that other stuff. It's great to have him dealing with Captain America in terms of being able to speak to him soldier to soldier and try to explain to him how the world has changed in another way while he was frozen in time." He continued with "Some of the people who used to be our enemies are now our allies — him trying to figure out, "Well, how do we trust those guys?" or "How do we trust the guys that you didn't trust who don't trust you? And explaining to him that the black and white of good guys/bad guys has now turned into this gray area." Jackson also explained why Fury has to often lie to Captain America, and that's because Fury is quote "trying to help him navigate the waters of the new sharks that he doesn't know anything about." And even though Fury has the best intentions Jackson says that Fury definitely battles with his fibbing ways and will ultimately have to ask himself quote "what kind of patriot am I?" and "Have I told so many lies that I don't really know the truth anymore?" Jackson also revealed that Alexander Pierce, who will be played by Robert Redford, will be a member of the World Security Council that was referenced in The Avengers, and also Nick Fury's boss, and that we will find out that he's been involved in the happenings of SHIELD for a long time. Since it was announced that Marvels new Agents of SHIELD will be airing on ABC this fall, fans have been curious about which characters from the movies will be making cameos in the series. So far, we know that Clark Gregg will be starring as Agent Coulson, and that Cobie Smulders will also be joining as SHIELD agent, Maria Hill, but what about Nick Fury? Well, according to Jackson, he would LOVE to join the show, and has been asking Joss Whedon about it for a while, but the only response he's gotten from Whedon is a "Hmmm.Maybe" So, there's a little insight on what we can expect from Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Is Nick Fury justified in his little white lies, if it protects Cap? And do you think that Joss Whedon should bring Fury into Marvel's Agents of SHIELD? Hit the comments, and let us know, and if you haven't yet make sure you've subscribed to us here at ClevverMovies. We love keeping you up to date on all of the happenings of your favorite movies. From Hollywood, Im Erin White. Thanks for watching.