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Chris Brown drops "Love More" music video featuring Nicki Minaj, some virtual nudity and Nick Swardson? What's good this is ClevverMusic, thanks for tuning in. A hot new video featuring Nicki Minaj has graced our eyeballs this weekend. Chris Brown unveiled his "Love More" music video that he directed and the song features our Queen Barb, Nicki. Breezy tweeted on Saturday, "while you guys kill yourself over bullshit ill keep directing stuff like this! Thx team breezy!!" So it seems he released the video (which BTW is still not on his VEVO channel) to thwart off the media's attention from his latest court drama, putting Chris back on probation and sentenced to 1000 more hours of community service for violating prior community service commitment. The "Love More" music video, shocker, takes place in a club. But starts with a short film intro where a cute blonde girl comes to Breezy's house to pick him up for a night out, and he greets her on a balcony in his naked skeletal self. Chris throws some clothes on (phew) and comes outside where she gets him pumped up for a night out on the town. Inside the pickup vehicle we see Reno911's Nick Swardson in the front seat playing Chris' side kick and talks about making it rain in the club with $30 dollars. Finally, "Love More" starts playing and the guys dance in the car and finally make it to the club. But yo- where's Nicki? Inside the club we see scantily clad girls and Chris has a dance battle with a Harajuku girl? Chris does what he does best- dancing and makes the rounds with the girls at the club. Around 3 minutes into the video we finally see Nicki Minaj appear! She surprises Chris as he freshens up in the little boys room, by popping up in the mirror behind him! She raps her verse in the song and looks pretty good while doing it; struts around the club and on a black backdrop rhyming. Naturally, Nicki stole the show. You'll have to check out the video yourself to see all of this go down and to tell us what you think of Chris's directing skills? Should he stick to singing and dancing? We think maybe so. Thank you so much for tuning in every day for more music news here on ClevverMusic! Make sure you're following us on Twitter @ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma and I'll see you soon right here with more music news.