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    The WAN Show : Thumbs up EA, Geek Squad Leaks Nudes?, and GUEST Ryan Shrout - August 16, 2013


    by LinusTechTips

    After party : Sorry no afterparty this week

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    4:35 Humble Origin Bundle
    9:20 Ryan Shrout joins us!
    9:35 Things to come in graphics cards!
    12:58 AMD possibly abandoning the high end CPU market
    23:34 AMD's new frame pacing driver
    38:45 GTA Online, Civ Online
    44:27 Witcher 3 CGI Trailer
    51:32 Google blocks the windows phone youtube app
    56:00 Google's changing methodologies
    58:51 Social media trolling to a whole new level
    1:03:26 Samsung to release a high-end flip phone?
    1:07:45 Geek Squad may have stolen a woman's nude photo's and posted them online
    1:16:42 Cisco cuts 4,000 staff despite making record profits this quarter
    1:21:21 Potential pricing for HD9970 leaked and new Never Settle bundle!
    1:23:28 SECURE YOUR WIFI! Hacker gets into a baby monitor and harasses a baby...
    1:25:00 4K gaming on console....?
    1:30:10 Animated PNG on the way!
    1:33:30 Upcoming IVY-E de-lid
    1:35:00 Bitfenix Prodigy-M
    1:38:52 Build Logs of the Week!