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    Nitro Warriors 2: Afterburner


    by VanguardPictures

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    The chase continues after the epic events of the critically-acclaimed 'Nitro Warriors - A Stop Motion Animated Film' and takes to the skies in 'Nitro Warriors 2: Afterburner'

    The gadget-laden Ford Mustang finds itself again under hot pursuit as it ducks, dives and rolls from skyscraper to skyscraper to outsmart hoards of police cars, missiles and... giant robots!!

    The Mustangs' arch-nemesis, a relentless police Chevy Corvette, will once again stop at absolutely nothing to catch its mark...

    Taking over 6 months to produce, Nitro 2 was filmed using toys and filmed entirely on an iPod. The production team created specially designed 'Flight Rig' systems as well as utilizing digital FX for removal of rigs to capture shots never been filmed before in Stop Motion.
    'Rivals the plot of any Fast and Furious film' MASHABLE
    'Pure entertainment with adrenaline poured all over it'
    'An epic stop motion film and a hell of a lot of awesomeness' AIN'T IT COOL NEWS
    'You'll have to watch to believe it' CHEVY HARDCORE
    'Masters at the art' BOLDRIDE
    'Car chase delight!' LAIKA HOUSE
    'A very creative imagination' RIDELUST
    'Imagination on overdrive' BREAKING NEWS
    'The sequel to rival the Fast and the Furious 6' AUTOBLOG
    'Nitro Warriors returns with more awesomeness' TOP SPEED
    'Bringing childhood fantasy to life' WE LOVE STOP MOTION
    'Will make you feel like a kid again' SHOCK MANSION
    'Will rev up your childhood' DEVOUR

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    Animated by Allan Canfield, Paul Vipiana, Elena Lanzoni, Paul Greer and Brenden Kent
    Production Design Elena Lanzoni
    Visual FX Composite London
    FX Supervisor Andy T
    Sound Design Paul Greer
    Music by Carlos Martin
    Co-Produced by Brenden Kent
    Produced by Dailymotion
    Executive Producers Romain Thomassin Paul Greer Daniel Yankiver
    Written and Directed by Paul Greer

    A Vanguard Pictures Film

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    The original award-winning, critically acclaimed 'Nitro Warriors - A Stop Motion Animated Film' is available online now

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