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    Best Arizona Realtor


    by Arizonahomes

    Your neighbors in Cheatham Farms wanted to sell their home. They chose to work with us Paul & Jodi Pelczarski owners of Arizona I. Q. Realty. First we met them at the home to see its condition and to go over market comps to price the home. Our suggestion was to go 10K over the last best sale and we did. We listed at $159,900. We put all our tools in place: Maximum amount of high definition photos, virtual tours, house movies, posting them on over 60 Real Estate web sites. Contracts came in they were all finance. We went over full price. At this time a neighbor closed very low under 140K. We were concerned this would make the Buyer’s loan hard to appraise out. We got a low cash offer around 150K. We negotiated with them to $162,000. Opened escrow and they did an inspection everything was fine. Because there is an HOA the Buyer’s get a copy of the CC & R’s to review. They have 5 days from the date it is received. They informed us there was a problem and they were going to cancel on their 5th day just in time to get their earnest deposit back. We put the home back on the market subject to final cancellation to get a backup offer and we got a full price $159,900 conventional offer. We then reviewed everything with the first Buyer. We found out it was sent Fed Ex so we asked for a copy of the tracking number. They tracking number showed someone signed for the CC & R’s 2 days earlier than everyone thought. So that would mean they cancelled the contract 2 days too late. They could lose their substantial earnest deposit it would become the Seller’s money because they cancelled too late. We brought this to the Buyer’s attention. We also brought some new info about the CC & R’s to the Buyer’s attention. WE believe based on these 2 facts the Buyer decided to buy the home and we closed 48 hours later. This is a record setting high sales price for this type of home in Cheatham Farms. It has helped prices in Cheatham Farms go up value! Thinking of selling a house? The right Realtor can make all the difference. Contact Paul & Jodi for all your Real Estate needs & questions (480) 777-7898 and feel free to check out our other videos.