Vote For Hillary 2008

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It's time for a major change in american politics. It's time for women to take charge and place america onto a new course of action. Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for the job and deserves the opportunity to lead america to greatness.


Good mix of extreme optimism and extreme pessimism. Whoever is president will not matter. American institutions will fail. You're all too self-absorbed.
By JohnnyU 8 years ago
are you from nyc because hillary never did anything for new york people like she said she dose are medical care is mesed up people who are to ill to work are on street working cleaning the street also there are more people in shelter then ever before . you must not know the truth of her husband and how he help drugs get in the usa or before she was anyone how she want to take poor people and middle class people kid and put them in camps to become slaves of the government we do need a woman president but not this women ! please look for your self!
By dollygril411 8 years ago