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    by MassageNerd

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    Today's client expects to be an active partner in their health and improved wellness.Before they come to you they have probably researched their options and come with an expectation of effectiveness. One of the most powerful and least utilized wellness therapies lies in harnessing the power of the mind in aiding the therapist and guiding outcomes. We will explore the "placebo effect" and how we can use this information to use intention to support our wellness interventions and treatments. Different strategies for eliciting and declaring the intention of the client will be shared.

    Hour 2 Health, Wellness Spa Joanne Berry

    Joanne Berry will discuss upcoming trends in the health & wellness arena together with advancements in education and how they can be implemented into an existing facility to further growth both in staff and wellness revenues.

    Hour 3 The Fusion of Wellness into the Spa Environment Allan Share, Patti Biro, Linda Nelson

    You see in the press, on TV and see it in on service menus-day spas, cruise ships and resorts are offering more medically oriented services. Medical spas are challenged with growing their clientele by offering more traditional spa and wellness services. Both are jumping on the concept of wellness to bridge the gap. This lively panel will discuss the latest trends in integrated wellness approaches and how you can be a part of this growing market.