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    Unholy Heights Free Game Download


    by BetaGaming2013

    Free Download:

    Unholy Heights follows the adventures of the Devil who, in a last ditch effort to take over the world, has spent the last of his savings on a dilapidated tenement building.When the game begins, the Devil has converted the building into monsters-only housing, and you must recruit visiting monsters to live in your building so you can extract rent from them.This, naturally, attracts the ire of nearby humans, and so it’s up to you to enlist your tenants in defending your building from warriors, pirates and villagers who want nothing more than to pillage what little gold the Devil has left.


    1. Download using the button below.

    2. Double-click the installer.

    3. Follow the steps and click “install.”

    4. After installation, click “Finish” and open the game icon on the desktop.

    5. Enjoy!