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La Demeure du Chaos /2/ Trans-mutation / Saint Romain au Mont D’or (Lyon)

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The exhibition Trans-mutation is the fruit of several encounters and reflects a meeting of minds and a merger of common themes. This show reflects a subtle combination of connections, interactions between mentors and an extraordinary period of gestation.
We invited nine artists, all singular and complementary, with remarkable elemental energy; they will come to express themselves from a broad spectrum of perspectives, testifying of a previous future, with their modernity and their specificities.
A bridge between traditional techniques and possible futures. Alchemical works, reminiscences of post-humanity, echoes of the near future, anticipations of the essence, but also relics of forgotten eras or even stellar artefacts.
Art is not a belief; it is a poem of the soul. It is a simple, powerful and well-established act and reality… far from the pretentious torments of those who believe they have mastered the secrets.
I trust art and its elucidating capacity. I favour the collective to achieve greater heights and cover larger distances. A tangible poetry, a pensée du tremblement or thought of trembling, as Edouard Glissant said.
Mystical and magical, the ark of time embarks the artists and their works in the bright and blinding maelstrom of the Abode of Chaos. The Musée L’Organe embodies a particle accelerator, both artistic and TRANS-MUTANT.
For thierry Ehrmann, wherever a collective forms, defined by its individuals, the result is an Egregore.
Rodolphe Bessey curator of the exhibition Trans-Mutation.

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La Demeure du Chaos /2/ Trans-mutation / Saint Romain au Mont D’or (Lyon)
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