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    Session 4, 2013: Windells Summer Ski Camp


    by Extreme

    No white tee was left un-dyed after Session 4. Surface does their Team Takeover right! Sunny days, park laps, skating, activities and more activities sums up the midway point of Windells 2013.

    Featured Riders:
    Parker White, Steve Stepp, Kelly Shaheen, John Kutcher, Pete Arneson, Lupe Hagearty, Lisa Zimmermann, Maks Gorham, Chris Logan, Will Wesson, Will HIbbs, Matt Heffernan, Chase Mohrman, Walter Shearon, Jason Arens, John Ware, Banks Gilberti, Khai Krepela and Campers.

    Filmed By:
    Jake Strassman, Sam Trefaller, Alexandra Erickson, Tyler Malay and Ian Macy

    Edited By:
    Sam Trefaller & Jake Strassman