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    गांधीजी आले परत | Gandhiji is back, Episode 15 | Fool to fake

    Jai Maharashtra News

    by Jai Maharashtra News

    गांधीजी आले परत... कॉमनमॅनला भेटायला
    काय बोललेत बापू कॉमनमॅनला?
    कांदा म्हणतोय मी नाही केला वांदा...
    फूल टू फेकने शोधलाय मनमोहन सिंगांच्या बोलण्याचा राज.
    पाहा फूल टू फेक द्या आपल्या प्रतिक्रिया...
    Gandhiji is back meet common people
    What did Gandhiji spoke to common man?
    Onions said we didn't do anything ....
    Manmohan Singh spoke... Fool to fake found out the secret of it..
    Watch fool to fake and give your reactions .....

    To know what is the fake news, Watch this episode 'Fool To Fake'.
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    Host: Manish Anjarlekar