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    Extreme Drought Causes Food and Water Crisis in Namibia

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    The country of Namibia is facing a National Emergency from a severe drought that has been going on for 2 years.

    Imagine you lived in the dry South African country of Namibia where hunger and poverty was already a problem, especially for 29% of the children suffering from physical and mental disorders resulting from malnutrition. Now it has not rained in 2 years and not enough aid is coming in to supply food or water.

    That is what 778,000 Namibians, a third of the population, are facing today with no end in sight. Of these, 105,000 are children age 5 or younger.

    Not only is there limited food, but the Namibian government does not believe there will be enough water for its people or livestock soon.

    The United Nations Childrens Fund, along with several other charity aid groups, is calling to everyone for help since they don’t have enough funds to fully address the crisis.

    Can you help? Though a couple dollars may not seem like a lot to many people, in areas of the world like Namibia, your donation can go a long way to ease suffering. And checking out a charity’s profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website will help you know your money is being used responsibly.