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    Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled give us a sneak peek at their upcoming music video for "I Wanna Be With You"! And you know you wanna see this! Happy Friday, welcome back to ClevverMusic online. Remember when DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj a few weeks ago and then magically a collaboration song appeared? Yup. That musical gift was a track called "I Wanna Be With You". Now, we're giving a behind-the-scenes look at these two pals' music video shot at a nightclub in Miami. And sadly, a wedding is not happening, however, Nicki is wearing a white dress. In the behind-the-scenes video we see Nicki and Khaled greeting each other on set and then shots of Nicki on set in a killer white hot outfit and toned down hair. She coyly lip syncs her part hoisted up sitting on a white chair inside the club, meanwhile Khaled chills on the side watching. Then Nicki walks back on set in a new sexy outfit complete with a gold jeweled bra, fur vest and gold belt spelling L.O.V.E. We love that as she walks on set the crew shouts at the other members "Put your phone away, Nicki's on set!" You know they wanna a snap a pic of her any chance they get! But it seems Nicki wasn't thrilled with her wardrobe that day saying, "Everything that I'm wearing is ugly." Uh we hope she's kidding. She climbs up on a platform high in the club to get some shots in with Khaled. Rapper Future, whom is featured on the song is seen briefly in the video and Nicki's gal pal Ciara stopped by for a lil cameo too! Nicki shared some more sneak peek pics on Instagram earlier this week to get us extra stoked for the vid's release. No official word when the video will drop, but we're guessing real soon. The track "I Wanna Be With You" is on Khaled's upcoming "Suffering from Success" album. Um can we come suffer to? Enjoy your weekend, get pumped for the new video and then subscribe to our ClevverMusic channel so you don't miss any music news. I'm Misty Kingma signing off.