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    Lady Gaga has the biggest week of her life: releasing her single, lyric video, art film, new tattoo and V Magazine cover spread! We've got the full recap for you right here. Thanks for tuning back in to ClevverMusic, here is your latest "What's Up With Gaga?" coming to you every Friday. I am of course, Misty Monster hi guys. Over last weekend Gaga was having some fun getting her new "Nat the Rat" tattoo (for her sis Natali) while in Chicago, when the leakage occurred. Gaga's anticipated first ARTPOP single was leaked online by hackers. So at the start of this week Lady Gaga rush released her new song 'APPLAUSE' and Little Monsters around the world applauded new music! We were treated to an electronic 80's inspired dance track celebrating her fans in lyrical art. Soon after, Gaga released a reverse psychology art film titled "LADY GAGA IS OVER" by the Haus of Gaga, giving critics of her new music the middle finger. In the video is Gaga is artfully lit up light a light bulb standing naked on camera as text appeared at the bottom of the screen. The video's ultimate message was, "STOP THE DRAMA. START THE MUSIC". We couldn't agree more. And sadly Gaga suffered another song leak- 2 in 1 week is just not fair to any artist. Gaga's duet with Cher "The Greatest Thing" saw an incorrect leak appear online mid-week. According to Cher the song was never to be released and the leaked version isn't even the right one. Cher was so angered by the hackers she went on a Twitter rant which included this tweet, "just heard TGT! FUCK! IT'S NOT EVEN THE RIGHT FUCKING VERSION!!! WHY DO PPL THINK THIS KINDA LEAKING SHIT IS OK! I'm so fg DISSAPOINTED". We don't blame you Cher, not at all. We wonder if now maybe the song will get released at some point? Moving on to happier news, Lady Gaga's V Magazine cover shot and spread shot by Inez and Vinoodh have been unveiled. The cover shot is a new look for Gaga, reminds us of Joan Jett with the black hair and sparkly red rocker jacket. And Gaga wearing jeans? Has she ever done that? There are also alternate covers including a gorgeous one wearing a blonde wig and clear safety pin dress. Gaga's V magazine spread photos include shocking poses and looks including this nude Madonna-esque pose and a ballerina pose in the blonde, shrink wrap look. And it appears Mother Monster also got playfully dirty during the photo shoot appearing with nothing but some mud on. This makes us even more excited for the "APPLAUSE" music video coming Monday August 19th as the same photographers directed the video. In the meantime, August 14 brought us a lyric video for the first single, seeing Gaga have some fun at Mickey's in West Hollywood with Drag Queens and Little Monsters together. There's your Gaga wrap up for this week, stay tuned to ClevverMusic for more where this came from, and tell your friends?! I'm Misty Monster see you next Friday with another 'What's Up With Gaga?" episode, have a great weekend!