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    In a new interview Katy Perry reveals why she named her new album "Prism" and the message behind the first single "Roar"! Happy Friday Katycats welcome back to your music news online ClevverMusic. This week Katy Perry sat down with Fresh 102.1 radio station's Jim and Kim Show to talk about her upcoming album "Prism" and revealed some sparkling new details. The world received Katy's first "Prism" single on Monday August 12, but not much else is known about the rest of the 'Prism' album set to drop October 22nd. In the revealing interview Katy explains why she named the record 'Prism' saying, "I called it Prism is because I went through a little bit of a dark period in my life but then I let the light in... and through me I get to beam out all the songs and that's a whole spectrum a whole rainbow of light that I get to share with all my fans through the songs... I can be prismatic for them." Very insightful, we like it. Katy you can be our prism any day. And is that 'dark period' she's referring to still an aftershock of her Russell Brand divorce? Likely, although she did not speak to that in the interview. But she did describe her relationship with her album saying, "It's very understanding and aware and conscious...a lot of honest songs on this record." And in addition to honesty, Katy revealed that spending some time in Stockholm gave the album house music influence and we can expect some epic dance songs too. That's pretty exciting to us ClevverKats here. Katy also joked that she thought about calling the album "Adult Reality" as a playful follow-up to "Teenage Dream". We think "Prism" fits you better Katy! And as we patiently wait for October 22nd to come we listen to the first single "Roar" over and over again. In her chat with the radio station she confirmed the song's theme, "... the message is basically about standing up for yourself... sometimes you are the one that is the biggest bully to yourself... it's you bro!" Yo Katy, that's so true! And in the cute "Roar" lyric video she used her real friends names in the emoticon text lyric video! If only we could be BFF with Katy... someday. More news on "Prism" will be coming on ClevverMusic so make sure you check back every day for the latest music news. I'm Misty Kingma your music host, signing off.