THUMB-JAW - "Boom Full of Awesome"


by Thumb-Jaw

For the 2013 Cannes Lion TechTalk series, I was invited to speak on a panel for interactive videos. We made an original piece for the presentation starring one of my characters Thumb-Jaw. Afterwards we decided to take all of the footage, one of the main songs, and mash it up into this 'musical short.' Hope you enjoy!
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Starring: Tommy Thumb-Jaw

Directed & Concept by: Bradonio (
Production Company: East Pleasant (
Post Production & VFX: Umbrella (

Executive Producer: Michelle Cuccuini
Produced by: Bradonio, Daniel Gross

Cinematographer: Clint Byrne
Gaffer: Nat Aguilar
AC/Grip: Andrea Boglioli
Media Manager: Zach Goldstein
Office Coordinator: Devon Irete
Interns: Ben King, Justine Shani

Post Producers: Miklos Kazmer, Zoltan Hidvegi
Post Production Supervisor: Mate Varga
VFX: Andras Turcsan, Jozsef Morvay, Andor Zahonyi, Gergő Kozma
Editor: Daniel Szabo

Special Thanks:

Thumb-Jaw "Boom Full of Awesome" © 2013 Bradonio Productions, LLC