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    NYPD to stop and frisk more whites to justify Bloomberg's unconstitutional strategy

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    "Stop and Frisk" It's code for racial profiling to people of color, or a warm privileged safety blanket if you're caucasian. The policy has seen over 4 million New Yorkers stopped at random over the last 10 years, with the vast majority of those stops targeting black and latino New Yorkers, far beyond what their demographic numbers would justify.

    Now, the policy has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. But rather than order the city to stop immediately, it looks like the NYPD will just have to stop more people of other races to bring the numbers into line. That's bad news for East Asians who, by a racist fluke, have been enjoying especially low stop-and-frisk numbers along with whites. Of course, that isn't because racist cops aren't suspicious of asians. Instead, it's because racist cops, just like Hollywood and country music, forget that asians exist.

    Supporters of stop and frisk, when you can hear them through their white hoods, argue that it's right for blacks and latinos to be stopped more than whites because those groups statistically commit more crimes. But the NYPD's own statistics show that whites were found in possession of drugs and weapons at a rate five times higher than blacks and almost three times higher than latinos.

    So unless Michael Bloomberg wants to volunteer to be stopped at random a few million times before the end of his term as mayor, he's going to have to come up with some white hides to feed to the police machine.

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