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    Katy Perry's new rebellious Killer Queen fragrance ad arrives in royal style. Hey KatyCats what's up? Welcome back to ClevverMusic, thanks for tuning back in. Yesterday August 14 Katy tweeted the link to her new full length Killer Queen fragrance commercial, however today the video has been taken down and we're not sure when it will reappear. In the meantime, we'll fill you in! The minute long ad sees a royal looking Katy dressed as Marie Antoinette complete with a white wig and flowing red ball gown. Katy's loyal subjects are helping her get dressed, putting on her boots and tightening her corset, much to Katy's dismay. Our Momma Kat is not having it with all these restrictions so she pushes her maids out of the way, steals a knife, and cuts her gown off! She further rebels throwing off her necklace and wig revealing gorgeous long black locks. Katy squirts some Killer Queen perfume to complete her defiant Queen status, struts out of her dressing room and onto her throne putting her crown on her head where it belongs. She ends with her one line in the ad, "Own the throne". And I'm sure we aren't the only ones to notice this looks a lot like Beyoncé's Mrs Carter tour promo that came out about 6 months ago. Beyoncé dons a similar getup as she struts through her royal court. In our eyes both pop stars deserve the royal treatment, so we don't blame them for a similar theme. BeyHive and Katycats tell us your thoughts on these regal ads below in the comments. You know how it works! Don't forget to follow @ClevverMusic on Twitter, that's an order from the royal court! I'm Misty Kingma, your music host, see you all next time.