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    League of Legends Hack - Free LoL Hack [Working With Proof] 2013


    by LolHack

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    League of Legends Hack - Free LoL Hack [Working With Proof] 2013

    League of Legends Hack [August 2013]
    Hello everyone This is my New hack (2013) for Free Riot Points (RP) !
    And today i will show you how to get RP Easy and Fast, Just watch the video or Read the Description and you will know what to do !
    Here's the Cracked Link - RP link..: WORKS ON ALL SERVERS !
    You're wondering how to get riot points for free?
    well, its pretty easy to explain: this bug is based on RIOT's halloween-special, which should be for new players to get easier in league of legends. this "halloween-special" never became public, cause they couldn't organize a random amount from 50 RP till 100 RP.
    so long story short: this "trick", "bug", "hack" (call it whatever you like) IS working 100% for the player, but not for riot, cause they're loosing so much money...

    After 3.5.. Patch the icon no need to change it doesn't matter anymore the hack will still work, Its UPDATED !!!!

    Virus Scaner :

    Instructions on using the hack-
    1. Download the hack from the first link in the description box.
    2. Extract the file to any folder, anywhere you want.
    3. Open the hack
    4. Select all your options you wish to enable. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE SERVER!
    5. Leave the hack open and start League of Legends
    6. Login and go to the main menu screen.
    7. Go back to the hack and press the button "Execute Changes"
    8. Wait for the hack to inject. If successful a box will pop up telling you to restart LoL.
    9. Exit out of LoL and open it up again.
    10. That's it! Whatever you added should now be on your accoun

    Download Link 1:
    Download Link 2:

    You get get original version of League of Legends Hack only at :