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    'Star Trek Into Darkness' Named Franchise Worst By Fans


    by ClevverMovies

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    The Trekkies have spoken!Star Trek: Into Darkness gets booed off the stage!
    The annual Star Trek convention was held in Las Vegas this past weekend, and attendees of the "One Trek Mind Live" panel were not at all shy in expressing their feelings about Abrams' second installment of the new franchise. Trekkies were asked to rate all twelve Star Trek movies against each other (which also included the 1999 parody, Galaxy Quest, and these results may surprise you. In first place was the very popular Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with Star Trek: First Contact coming in at a close second. So far, so good. But what may surprise you is that not only did JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness land in LAST place on the list, but when it was announced, fans BOOED the film, with one attendee even stepping up to the mic to say that it shouldn't have even been CONSIDERED as a Star Trek movie. Ouch! It's not necessarily news that a lot of true Trekkies out there were not impressed with Into Darkness. Some of you all told us that you had issues with Bob Orcci and Alex Kurtzman's script saying that it didn't stick close enough to the source material. Perhaps someone forgot to mind-meld Orcci and Kurtzman before they wrote this script! And a lot of fans felt like the sequel just wasn't as interesting as Abram's 2009 Star Trek. But even with the negative feedback, it still did fairly well at the box office, bringing in around $ 226 million domestically. But, you all don't seem to care too much about box office numbers, so could this ranking mean that some of you have concerns about the future of the franchise? Where does Into Darkness fall on your list? Sound off below, or you can always tweet us your responses as well at ClevverMovies. As always, it's great to see you all back here at ClevverMovies. Im your host, Erin White. Live long, and prosper.