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    Cece & Alison's Past, Red Coat's Lair & Is Wren Evil? Pretty Little Liars 4x10 Recap


    by ClevverTV

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    Oh snap -- this new episode of Pretty Little Liars is keeping us guessing... The Mirror Has Three Faces is the title of last night's show and it couldn't be a more perfect way to describe the action. Between Mona and Wren -- yes he is back -- we're not sure who we can trust less. Alright, so Wren visits Mona at Radley and she tells him that she's close with the PLLers again by saying QUOTE 'Wilden was bothering them so I got rid of him' - and she talks about how she realized his loyalties were elsewhere and that he was keeping a secret from her... and then he reveals that he knows she stopped taking her medicine... but really, can we trust Mona? WHO KNOWS! Wren is one sneaky son-of-a because he's playing both sides -- and he pretends to be shocked about the anonymous tip that Mrs. Hastings is pressuring Mona -- so suddenly Hanna's mom doesn't have a lawyer... and it seems like he is working with Cece. Not confirmed. Emily and her family are still homeless, and Mrs. DiLaurentis -- who btw is going thru a divorce -- invites them to stay at her home, and Emily is totally creeped out that she's there solo since her mom is out of town for work. Ali's mom reveals that she can feel Ali everywhere and has even seen her daughter around -- and we know that red coat is creeping around the house. In fact, the makeshift sleeping spot in the basement is discovered... and we are definitely thinking that it's Cece who has been staying there -- but seriously, who knows?! Maybe Ali IS alive. Leave it to PLL to keep us guessing! And this was weird. When Toby and Spencer go back to visit Dr. Palmer about the note on the music sheets from A -- as a reminder, they said "Leave the lamb alone and go for the lion" -- we learn that the blonde gal who the doc said they should watch out for may actually be Mrs. DiLaurentis... and we learn that Ali and Cece had a very twisted relationship. In fact, Cece's old roomie in Philly tells Aria that Alison got Cece kicked out of school and that Cece hated all of the PLLers aka she-devils because she thought they were all "in on it" with Ali. Cut to Aria -- she's totes in love with Jake these days -- taking pics of him doing martial arts and even traveling to Philly for his regional competition. And Ezra finds out that he is not the father to Malcolm. Oh man. We feel really bad for him. And Caleb goes out of his way to keep Hanna safe and we really don't see much of her this episode -- except when she's alone in Alison's old room and we catch a glimpse of red coat right behind her -- creeeeepy - and we're left wondering what is going to happen to her mom. At the end of the episode, we see the black gloved figure plant the muddy heel that's seemingly linked to her mom's case in Emily's home. Alright, so that's it for now. What do you think was the most shocking moment? Seeing a conniving Wren? Thinking that Mona is 3-faced? Learning about Cece? Or what about Mrs. DiLaurentis? Or maybe was it the Ezra not being a father situation? Post a comment below -- and click the link below to check out the clips from next week's new episode of Pretty Little Liars. I'm Dana Ward and as always, thanks so much for checking out ClevverTV.

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