Raske Penge - Original Bang Ding

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billy Hill
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The song on vinyl (includes mp3/wav link): http://www.targetshop.dk/uk/308732/Raske_Penge/Original_%28Maxi%29/
... And here digitally: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/raske-penge-ep/id526128071?l=da
Video idea and concept: Healthy Money
Directed by Morten Kaa
Producer: Kristian Bust
Photographer: Henrik Edelbo
Clips: Kamilla Bruus
Animations: Yaqup Oxbjr (yaqup.dk).
Colorgrading: Adalsteinn Hallgrimsson in Beofilm.
Still Photographer: Martin Kurt Haglund.
Additional video material: Theis Mortensen, Theis Keyzy, Kamilla Bruus and Andreas Rosforth.
Light: Alexandra Buhl.
Runners: Marie Karoline and Freja from Kontrafon one day. Rasmus Broni and Rasmus Fred Borg the other day.
Helpers: Louise Thornvig Koch, Marianne Hendriksen and Lotte Sirdorf from House Theatre.

Twerk & dancehall: Louise Maria sweetens Lind Kjølsen, Christina Opoku, Taouben Tony Amzourou (Werkaholics + Gully Grinders), Thomas Henriksen and Mark Ivan (Werkaholics).
Dancehall: Seas Hørlund Poulsen (+ trick) and Sibine Dupont.
Dancehall 21st Century New Steps: Roosterboosta and Jacopaco (Goofy Brothers).
Vogue: Beck Heiberg (Beck Be Fab) and Emilie Holte (Emna).
Breakfast: Rune Andersen (Kinetic Soul), Lars Libak (KS Kru, Team Jiyo), Annette Olsen (Hotstepper), Joel de Andrade (KS Kru, Hotstepper), Hans Philip and Believer.
Locking: Martine Ibsen (Top Notch Kru).
Krump: Mac (Hotstepper).
Jump Style: JumpingMathii, Sesa and Energizor.
Stunt: Jan Dalhoff. (Klarmelding.dk, Ormsan@mac.com).
Audio equipment on the set: LR Audio.

Music: Pato Siebenhaar and TopGunn.
Text: Healthy Money.
Video edit and recording: TopGunn.

Thanks for the help: House Theatre, RunForCover.dk, Kontrafon, Boner, Sports, Nutroe, JJ Wild, Louise Maria sweetens Lind Kjølsen, MH Auto, Lars Colberg, Leif Sound, Karen Galsgaard and Joel de Andrade from Hotstepper.dk, Sade Johnson, Lars Schmidt, Theis Mortensen, Johanne Algren, Mikkel Groos and everyone who turned up for the filming.

Both versions of the song is on Healthy Money's maxi-single "Original" which can be purchased via the two links at the top of the description. Published by Healthy Plates.

For concert calendar, booking, remix, etc.: facebook.com / Quick Money

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