DEBATE - Egypt: from coup to chaos

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Egypt's stalemate ended in a bloody and violent fashion this Wednesday. The Muslim Brotherhood says hundreds of its members have been shot dead, even as the government denies the use of deadly force. A state of emergency has been declared. Laura Cellier and her panel discuss where this latest deadly turn of events leaves Egypt's revolution.

Hanna YOUSEF, Member, 'Voices from Egypt'
Hall GARDNER, Professor and Chair, Department of International and Comparative Politics, AUP
Adel RIAME, Researcher and Political Analyst at EHESS (School of Social Sciences)
Ahmed MUSTAFA, Spokesperson, Muslim Brotherhood in London
Nervan MAHMOUD, Egyptian Blogger and Political Commentator
Kathryn STAPLEY, France 24 Cairo Correspondent
Programme produced by Anelise Borges, Dheepthi Namasivayam and Diaraye Bah.

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