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    The Biggest Wingsuit Stunt Ever - Change 4 Good Ep. 1



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    Wingsuiter Jhonathan Florez, has launched a crowd funding effort to finance a major stunt, which he can't talk about (so the stunt does not get cancelled). But we know it'll be epic! Real cutting-edge stuff. Please visit the project page below and if you can go ahead and pledge, it will bring help to developing countries.

    In episode one of Change4Good we meet humanitarian Jhonathan Florez, an elite adventure sports athlete from Colombia who is on a mission of peace-making and social responsibility.

    He is a statesman in his sport who competes at the highest level in global wingsuit flying and BASE jumping. His mission is about using his high-profile sport to help others.

    In conjunction with Experience Series and Oruga, join us and help fund his Fanfuel campaign and provide gifts to developing countries with donations of 200 doses of vaccines for Polio, 20 doses of anti-Malarial drugs and more. This is not about the individual, this is about the greater good - a Change4Good.

    Help Jhonathan make Change4Good a reality by backing the project at

    The Biggest Wingsuit Stunt Ever - Change 4 Good Ep. 1

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