Urban Crime Hack IFunbox (NO JAILBREAK NEEDED)

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Download from here :- http://bit.ly/14DHoeR

So the game drops you into the basic tutorial which teaches you how to fight, shoot, drive, etc. The controls are mostly well done, except the driving controls are rather difficult and touchy, whether you use the stick, wheel, or tilt options.

The gameplay is essentially the same as Gangstar. After the tutorial, you’re finally let loose upon the world. You can fast travel to missions using the mini-map, which is a nice touch, but there is no real plot or story and the mission structures are very repetitive and uninteresting.

I was also forced to abort several missions due to random bugs, like a dead crime boss not registering as dead.

As you complete missions, you’ll level up and collect diamonds and cash, which are of course used to buy new weapons and ammo.

Being a freemium game, you’ll need to get to a certain level before you can unlock any given weapon.