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    Rob Ford's drunk Greek life, and the Toronto mayor's trip to jail

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    Toronto's walking facepalm of a mayor, Rob Ford, has made his city proud yet again. In a video taken on Saturday while he was gettin' down in Greektown, Rob Ford can clearly be heard yelling "You want some blow, I'll give ya some blow, I have it seriously." Unless you listen to him twice and decide he's clearly yelling "You want some cologne..."

    At least he was clearly yelling, even if the content of his speech is still up for debate. And why not yell, and shoot grappa, and stagger around Toronto when you're a mayor who can shrug off a scandal the size of a mountain of crack and still stay in office? The whole issue of the crack video has effectively been buried. But that wasn't the way it looked in March of this year. Word of the crack video had yet to surface and Rob Ford was still a mayor known best for falling down on cue and using the word "orientals" without irony.

    In March of this year, the infamous crack video was still in the wild and Rob Ford decided to pay a little visit to a friend in the slam. Bruno Bellissimo, aka Pretty Boy Brun, was in a west-end lockup for doing some shiz. On the night of March 25 Ford showed up unannounced and asked for a tour of the jail. When he was told visiting hours had been over for 3 hours already he admitted he was there to see Bruno Bellissimo. Still not swayed, Ford considered throwing his weight around, but was eventually convinced to leave for fear of collapsing the building.

    It is still unclear why Ford would visit Bellissimo. The two were childhood friends but one other thing they have in common is a recent history involving drugs. Whatever the truth is, don't hold your breath waiting for it. Unless you have a lungfull of smoke.

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