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    WEB NEWS - Russian web users protest against new anti-piracy law

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    Today on the net,
    Russia’s new anti-piracy law draws strong criticism.
    Norway’s prime Minister poses undercover as a taxi driver.
    And a Dutch web user plays an incredible prank on his little brother.
    Russian web users protest against new anti-piracy law
    Over 100 000 Russian web users have signed this online petition against the country’s new anti-piracy law. Activists submitted it to the Russian government’s petitioning platform and it has reached the number of signatures required for it to be considered by the Kremlin.
    The controversial legislation which was designed to protect films and TV shows from illegal downloading came into force on the 1st August. It also allows rights holders to report any site thought to distribute pirated content to the authorities, and even allows pre-trial blocking of these sites.
    So web users are calling for the law to be repealed, saying the system could open the door to all sorts of violations and have a negative impact on Russia’s web industry. Some 1 700 Russian web sites went on strike the day the law was adopted, describing it as a liberty killer. 
    Although the authorities do not officially recognize it as a political party, the Pirate Party of Russia is playing a pivotal role in the movement. It’s organized and staged a series of rallies across the country, with the leaders urging netizens not to go to the movies or buy any legal content throughout the month of August.
    Members of the Pirate Party are also trying to raise awareness about Kopimism, a Swedish religious movement that believes the process of exchanging data is sacred. If they are able to officially register a church of their own, ... Go on reading on our web site.

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