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Mother Monster releases an art film declaring: Lady Gaga is over. Hello Little Monsters and demons. Welcome back to your pop music news source, ClevverMusic. As my monsters know Lady Gaga released her brand new "ARTPOP" Single "Applause" one week early August 12 due to hackers leaking a snippet of the new track. Late August 12 Gaga surprised us with a 45 second Haus of Gaga film, using reverse psychology to get the public to buy her new song on iTunes (like we haven't already?!) The video hears a roaring crowd (Katy Perry reference anyone) reciting critical commentary as Gaga's serious face is shown lit up like a light bulb. She is wearing some sort of head piece with clamps on her temples and clear mask on her face. Gaga's hair is slicked back and she is seemingly naked and with little makeup on. Gaga tilts her head back and forth while boos are heard in the background. Meanwhile, commanding text appears throughout the video at the bottom in white letters. First we see, "-If you don't like pop music, you should turn this off." Well, we do like pop music. Then a few seconds later "-Lady Gaga is no longer relevant". Well, we don't believe that for a second. Next, "-Ever since Born This Way, she's a flop." We will have to see about that. "-DO NOT buy her new single APPLAUSE on iTunes" Too late. "Give her no A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E." We will, as soon as we see her at the VMAs this month. "-DON'T dance to the song at all." Oops. Then the screen goes black and we see two words: "-She's over." And the real message comes on the screen: "STOP THE DRAMA. START THE MUSIC." Her song "APPLAUSE" starts playing at this point and we realize what Gaga has done here. Brilliantly, Lady Gaga has turned her critics into her art. Mother Monster is asking you to drown out the critics, the noise and drama and enjoy her new music (Remember only with headphones on) and make of it what you will. And have to give Gaga some credit here. She was just named the richest Celebrity under 30 by Forbes, yet here she is, portraying herself as less powerful than a few faceless music critics online. We are dying to know what you think of all this, just fire away with your comments below, you know you want to! Also be sure you following @ClevverMusic on Twitter for more! I'm Misty Kingma your music host, thank so much for watching me here on ClevverMusic.