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    This is Backcountry

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    This is Backcountry. Here, blood meets rock, sweat meets trail, and the well-worn path to a routine existence reaches its terminus. This is an invitation to feed your wanderlust, to rediscover the spark inside you and feel the strain of your muscles against the forces of nature. Every second is about action—it's gas and a match fed to grit and determination. Take a glimpse, and then take another — we get it, and this is what we call #goatworthy.

    Sura, by HECQ // Anson Fogel Remix //
    From The Ashes, by Neil Pollard and Adam Solkeld // Private Composition //
    Big City Nights, by Undermathic // Anson Fogel Remix //
    Music Supervision / Adam Foley

    Agency // Moxie Sozo
    Creative Direction // Leif Steiner // Art Direction // Laura Kottlowski / Jason Giles

    Produced by Camp4 Collective,
    Directed / Edited / Sound / Color by Anson Fogel
    Written / Anson Fogel / Andrew Bisharat
    Footage / Camp4 Collective
    Additional Footage / Sherpas Cinema / One Eyed Bird / Brain Farm / Sweetgrass Productions / Felt Soul Media / Cory Richards
    Special Thanks to Brain Farm, One Eyed Bird and Moxie Sozo

    Filmed all over The World


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